Frquently Asked Questions

What condition should my items be in?

All furniture and accessories should be in new or next-to-new condition and ready for resale. All items should be clean and well packed.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No ~~ furnishings & accessories may be consigned at any time during store hours. For large pieces of furniture, it is best to email us pictures of the items for us to review. For smaller items, you can bring your clean, well packed box to the store during business hours.

How are sale prices determined?

Resale prices of the consigned furnishings & accessories are determined by Pfohl’s.

When does the 90-day period start?

An “intake” date will be recorded on the date consigned furnishing is received at the store, but the 90-day consignment period will commence as of the first day the items are placed on the floor.

What happens to unsold items after 90 days?

After 90 days, any unsold furnishings must be removed by the consignor within 5 days or Pfohl’s may donate items to a charitable organization or it becomes the property of Pfohl’s. Due to the volume of consigners, we are not able to call you to pick up items.

What happens when my item(s) sell?

Consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price (exclusive of sales taxes) of the consigned furnishings, and Pfohl’s shall receive the remaining 50% of the actual selling price.

How do I get paid?

Consignor will be paid once per month for amounts over $20.00 (one month following sale of consigned Furnishings) via a check mailed to the Consignor’s address, or, in the alternative. Consignor may forego such payment and apply the outstanding proceeds from the sale of consigned Furnishings toward purchases of Furnishings located in the Pfohl’s store.

What if I want my item(s) back before the 90-day consigned period is up?

That is not a problem, however a 15% fee (based on the original selling price of all consigned Furnishings reclaimed) will be assessed to Consignor.

Can I cancel my Consignment Agreement?

Yes, a consignor can cancel agreement and has 5 days to remove their consigned furnishings from the store premises. Furnishings will remain on the floor, available for sale, until consignor has removed such furnishings.

Can you recommend any movers?

Yes, Pfohl’s can provide phone numbers to area movers to pick up furniture, upon request.