Our goal at Pfohl's Furniture Den is to provide our customers with an eclectic inventory of high quality home furnishings and decor items.  If you are considering consigning with us, we encourage you to visit the store, meet us, and experience first-hand what Pfohl's is all about. 

All items must be in good, clean, usable condition.  We invite you to either bring in or email us photos of your larger furniture pieces to so we can determine if we can accommodate your items in our store.

Consignor Preparation »

Accessories should be clean, polished and in working order.  Wall hangings, mirrors, and paintings, for example, should have a wire hanger.  Lamps without shades cannot be accepted.  Please provide a shade.

Upholstered Furniture must be free from noticeable stains and in near to excellent condition.  We cannot accept pieces with cushions and pillows that are sagging from years of wear or in very dated fabric.  Also, we ask to see a photo and/or cushion before we commit to sell for you.

Rugs must be clean and stain-free.

Furniture must be in the best possible condition, though some pieces can be sold "as is" and we will notify potential buyers of needed repairs.

Consignment Period and Procedures »

The consignment period at Pfohl's begins when your item is placed on the showroom floor, not when paperwork is completed.  The consignment period for home décor is 90-days. Furniture can stay until it sells.  We do reserve the right to return your items at any time.  For your benefit, we do not partake in a rigid discount schedule. We discount at our discretion.

The Consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price (exclusive of sales tax) of the consigned furnishings, and Pfohl’s shall receive the remaining 50% of the actual selling price. Please be advised that a fifty cent (0.50) consignment fee will also be charged to the account monthly.

Also, please note that there is a 15% penalty (based upon the original sales price of the item) assessed to the Consignor for items removed from the showroom floor prior to the completion of the agreed-upon consignment period.  This fee is due at the time the item is removed.

Any unsold items remaining at the end of the contract period must be picked  up within 5 days of the contract's expiration. Any unclaimed items will become property of Pfohl's.

Communication »

We love our Consignors and we work very hard to provide the perfect setting to showcase your gently used furniture and decor items.  After all, it's your inventory that drives our business!  We want to make the process as convenient, fun, and mutually beneficial as possible.  Consignors will be kept fully informed when they call to inquire about their items, and our friendly staff is always available to answer your questions or provide assistance; however, we can not call you with updates regarding your items.

If you have any questions concerning your consignment inventory or your account balance, please feel free to call us at: 716-932-7860 or email us at:

Getting Started »

As stated on our HOME page, Pfohl's offers several options to receive your items:
  • Drop & Run:  You can bring your smaller, easy-to-carry items to the store during regular business hours.  We simply request that they are itemized, cleaned and packed in a sturdy container.  This includes home decor items, mirrors, artwork, benches, lamps, etc.
  • Photos:  In order to identify whether certain pieces are appropriate for our store, we need to see photos of larger furniture items.  You can email your photos to, save them on your phone to show us, or bring in printed copies for our review.
  • In-Home Consultation:  A Pfohl's representative can come to your home to Review your items for a $25 fee, payable at the time the appointment is made if scheduled in person, or after the appointment is completed if the appointment was made over the phone.

Pricing »

Pfohl's Furniture Den will determine the price of all consigned goods based on several factors including age, condition, manufacturer, history, and rarity.  It's very helpful for Consignors to share as much information about pieces of significance as possible.  The more information you give us, the easier it is for us to price your items appropriately.  Please remember however, we depend on the market to determine the actual value. Using many resources, we will partner with you to determine a favorable value to place on your items. Our goal is to provide buyers with unique, quality items at reasonable prices.  We do not price items before they've arrived in our store and we've had an opportunity to research them. Although we do not follow a rigid mark-down schedule, we do mark items down at our discretion and as we see fit for selling. 

Inventory Form »

For your convenience, Drop and Run Consignors can download and complete the Inventory Form prior to your visit. Please have all potential consignment pieces itemized prior to drop and run. 

  Pfohl's Authorized Consignment Merchandise List »