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Pfohl's Treasures Displayed In This Charming WNY Home
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Pfohl's Furniture Den recently visited a home in Western New York that houses some of our unique finds including a Remmington Typewriter, nautical prints, gorgeous wicker chairs and a leather sofa. The owners of the home have meticulously searched for just the right décor for their space and we are proud to say they found some of it at Pfohl's.

A cranberry colored wall is complete with a poppy themed print and a sailboat accent piece. Both purchased from Pfohl's Furniture Den!



Above, are a stunning leather couch and matching chair that simply make the room inviting and modern. These pieces compliment a fun green wall!

A simple country table lives with a separate set of wooden chairs and yet works well in this cozy dining room fit for an active household.

Two wicker chairs, both from Pfohl's, on a beautiful patio tie this seasonal seating area together. Perfect for conversations and cool drinks this summer!

This Remmington typewriter, not only serves as a nostaligic decorator's piece, but also a classic machine for writing!

Pfohl's Furniture Den consigns unique and eclectic furniture and home décor as well as classic, traditional and modern items. As you can see in the home featured here, decorating can be affordable, whimsical and successful!