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Your Previously Loved Items, My Consigned Gems.
Tags: Consignment Items, Before & After's, Previously-Loved, Revive, Consignment Gems
Do we all strive to make our homes "just right"? Our design aesthetic so personal to each of us, our homes so very distinct, are constantly transforming to accommodate the changing phases of our lives. Over the last couple years, Pfohl's Furniture Den has made it possible for thousands of customers to step up their style at home. We thrive on the new designs and clever solutions our items have inspired. We at Pfohl's have decided to share some beautiful Show and tell projects created by our previously loved upscale items. Enjoy! Go forth and decorate! Be bold! Be Brave! Create in your home from our inexpensive inventory, your dream design solutions!

1. Sofa Transformed
sofa re-do.jpg

2. Kitchen Color Pop
 Michael kitchen vinette.jpg

3. Pfohl's Finds! Art and Accessorized Vignette