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Design With Confidence!
Tags: Consignment Items, Design, Consign, Decor, Update
Design, it's a funny thing. More precisely, it's a personal thing. An important fact I have learned, which completely influences my approach with customers at Pfohl's and my freelance clients, is confidence in making design choices can be honed. After a brief description of a design dilemma, I am often asked this question, "Do you think this or that will work in my home?" I can honestly say most of the time my clients have already decided, and are simply looking for reassurance that they are not making mistakes in their space. I use these moments to help build my clients confidence. We each have very personal tastes, goals, and priorities for our homes, therefore we need to find what speaks to us as individuals, and feel comfortable being decisive when necessary. I feel that "home matters." Being able to make the most out of your space, whether it be organizing, beautifying, or adding a little fun, changes our lives. Being a decorating "life coach," cheering you on as you boldly and confidently go forth and design, is one of the favorite parts of my job.
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