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Color Love!
Tags: Consignment Items, Color, Inspire, Decor, Design, Consignment
teal suitcase.jpg
Oh how I love color! Color in all it's flavors is second to none when it comes to decor. There is always the opportunity to revamp your space by changing the main element in the room - the wall color. Wouldn't it be  lovely if every time the mood strikes we could repaint our space? The cost, time and labor involved in this is obviously quite a commitment. 
color swatch.gif
As an admitted color addict, let me suggest how I resolve my needed color fixes. I add pops of color in a multitude of ways. The nice thing about this color approach is that it can change on a dime. In other words, you can literally change your space daily. Additionally, by shopping thrifty, this can be accomplished on a very affordable budget. Let me explain. Paint small accent furniture. This is easier than you think, and a small commitment that lends a large color impact to a space. I say, "don't be afraid  to try this."  You can go quite bold, if the color disappoints, just repaint. Add a fun seasonal flair by changing out your accessories. Swapping the pillows, lamp shades, dishes, throws, furniture, artwork, even window treatments are all options that can completely redefine your space.
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We at Pfohl's have made it one of our missions to inspire you to design with color. We use the "pop of color approach" in our room vignettes throughout the store. We offer items in every hue. We change with the seasons. Consignment furniture and accessories is the perfect way to shop thrifty within a reasonable budget. Color change should be fun. Color in all it's hues should inspire you! Make it one of your favorite things, too!