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Home Matters.
Tags: Consignment Items, Home, Consignment Furniture, Design
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I am walking in the door from a long productive day at work. My keys, coat, and purse luckily find their usual place. My shoes come off, as my day shifts along with my mood. I am home. Home is where we likely begin and end each day. Home is for friends, family, and the stuff of life. Home and it's potential matter. 
You might be a clean and tidy perfectionist in your space, or the complete opposite, filling your rooms with meaningful mementos and thrifty finds. You might decorate with robust enthusiasm for each season, or leave the items you treasure exactly as they are. Whatever you live like in your home, it is your comfortable place, and it is just right. 

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I can honestly say assisting people with their homes, space, decor, colors, furnishings, accessories, and decorating whims, is a fabulously rewarding job. I know with each choice you make, you are intentionally creating the home that keeps you comfortable and happy. The designers at Pfohl's know that our consignors and customers are each wonderfully unique. We know that each of you live your lives in homes that are perfectly you. We are inspired by your eclectic tastes and fun design choices. Providing a showroom that gives you a confidence kick and is truly impactful in designing your house into a home that matters, inspires us. Come see what you might need to add to your space today. Because where we spend our lives, our homes, matter!