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Spring Has Sprung.
Tags: Pfohls News, Pfohl's News, Consignment, Spring, Home decor
Bring it on!  We can wait no longer. Let the light shine in, Spring has sprung!  As the weather takes its time to transition from a long hibernation, we at Pfohl's decided to jump right in.  It is time to emerge from our cozy homes, replace your winter space, refresh and renew with Spring.
Celebrate longer days, warmer temperatures, and natures beauty by bringing in some fresh color, accessories, pillows, and Spring whimsy. Pfohl's showroom will take the lead.
Spring umbrellaPare down by partnering with Pfohl's to make room for this colorful and inspirational season. Bring us your special items. Consignment furniture and home decor is the budget-friendly and fun option on your hunt for that new and perfect piece. We are ready for Spring, come into Pfohls Furniture Den, see what's Sprung, so you can be ready too!