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A Few Of My Favorite Things.
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What are some of your favorite pieces in your home? Have you considered that you may have yet to discover it? Like most of us your answer could probably include several items, depending on the day. For me, the antique reupholstered tufted chair I inherited from my grandparents is pretty darn special in its history and sentimental meaning. I enjoy simply knowing it is now mine. Another truly favorite piece is our newish well-loved, worn out, "coziest place to curl up at the end of a long day" sofa. Other items share memories from my past, while some are recent discoveries that fill a "just right" need. 
teal table.jpg
Pfohl's is a wonderful place to hunt for items that may join your collection of favorite things. We accept beloved pieces that have been part of generations, and others are barely used. Whatever your need is today, dishes to entertain new memories with friends and family, a coffee table to put up your feet, a guest room chair to add some comfort, we would love to help you add a piece to your home that will satisfy your need, and possibly become your new favorite thing.