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A Perfect Match. Pfohl's Furniture Den and Home Solutions of WNY Inc.
Tags: Pfohls News, Consignment Furniture, Downsizing
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How many transitions do our lives go through? Whatever phase your life experience may be, you still have a place you call home. Our homes should be a reflection of our selves. We should be able relax and find balance in our space. Often the transitions our lives take increase the clutter in our home, and this clutter, may make us feel overwhelmed. 
A perfect solution to alleviate and gently ease you through this phase, is to call in a professional organizer.  Jamie Shaner of Home Solutions of WNY Inc. has been assisting clients with their organizing, staging, and downsizing needs since 2005. 
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Home Solutions of WNY and Phohl's Consignment Den is the perfect match to balance our homes transitions. Consigning our downsized items and furnishings, allows another family to make purposeful use of our clutter. Consider using both our services in combination, to balance your life and to give you that jolt of creativity you need!
We are excited to announce the upcoming event at Pfohl's Furniture Den featuring Home Solutions of WNY Inc. Watch for details!