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Take a Seat. Try on a New Hat.
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How many hats do you wear? I know my hat can change daily. Sometime we get stuck in a rut when it comes to our personal space and we don't embrace our many layers. Design and home should reflect all aspects of us. Do you look around your home and feel a disconnect? How about a change? Consignment furniture is the perfect way to try on many hats in your home. Start with that key piece of furniture, the "sofa".
Sofas come in many a size, shape, color, and comfort. Sofas create visual balance, or are simply a soft place to fall. Come into our store and enjoy the multitude of options when it comes to sofas. Our showroom has leather, upholstered, contemporary, traditional, vintage, and many unique selections. Make a fun change in your space, at a reasonable budget. Take a seat, relax, and try on a new hat for your home.
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